'RP1 FORM'



Also remember that the RP1 form can't be photocopied and any errors on the form will require you to send off for another form to complete. This can be done by ringing 0845 015 0010 or emailing publications@BIS.gsi.gov.uk quoting the reference number URN 10/708.

Final thing remember it needs to be completed in BLOCK CAPITALS and in BLACK INK. Leave any questions that don't apply BLANK.

A couple elements still need a bit more investigation and clarification but I've highlighted those to come back to as soon as I can, hopefully you'll have enough to get you going on filling it out. Keep checking back.



UPDATE to Question 55 made 15/10/12 @ 08.30

UPDATE to Question 19 made 15/10/12 @ 21.30

UPDATE to Part 7, Questions 36 to 44 made 15/10/12 @ 21.30

UPDATE to Part 8, Questions 46 to 48 made 15/10/12 @ 21.30

UPDATE to Question 57 made 15/10/12 @ 21.30

UPDATE to Question 60 made 15/10/12 @ 21.30


PART 1 Personal Information Questions 1 to 9

If your not sure who you are I suggest talking to the office, they may know. This section is pretty self explanatory.

PART 2 Bank Account Details Questions 10 to 15

Again information you should have to hand. They need this in order to pay you as soon as they can once things are in order.

PART 3 Details of Employer who made you redundant Questions 16 to 20

Question 16 Employer Name is 'Countryliner Sussex Limited'

Question 17 Employer Address is:

    23 (No Building Name)
    Bell Lane
    Bellbrook Business Park
    East Sussex
    TN22 1QL

Question 18 Tick 'Insolvent'.

Question 19 'UPDATED' Telephone number is '0844 477 1623' or '01825 766078' doesn't really matter as niether will get through to anyone.

Question 20 Our Depot Address:

    (No Building Number or Name)
    Fairbridge Way
    (No District/Area)
    Burgess Hill
    West Sussex
    RH15 8AR

PART 4 Details of Insolvency Practitioner / Official Reciever Questions 21 to 23

We have not been informed of any Practitioner or Receiver involved so leave this blank.

PART 5 Details of the Job Questions 24 to 32

Question 24 'Bus Driver'

Question 25 Your number has changed in recent weeks/months so if your not sure check with the office.

Question 26 All bar a couple people will need to tick 'Employed'.

Question 27 Started work. You'll need to check your own records for this but our last day of employment for Countryliner was '08/10/2012'

Question 28 As Above our employment ended on '08/10/2012' and tick 'No' to notice being given.

Question 29 Gross Pay is '8.31' every 'Hour' and paid on 'Tuesday'

Question 30 Pay include Bonuses or Commission...? (Just stopped laughing on this bit) That'll be a 'No' then.

Question 31 Hours you normally work, NOT including Overtime. A bit I've had far too long trying to implement over the past 12 months. That will be '44' hours per week and '45' for Dave and Michael on the late block.
Did you work 'Overtime' as part of the contract...?
I've looked at our contract and employee handbook from Countryliner and although it does say '...you may be required to work additional hours from time to time...' the bulk of it remains fixed on the 44 hour per week average consisting of 4 daily duties over the 7 day period. So the way I understand it is that, unfortunately, overtime does NOT form part of our contract. So unless we can find a way round it or an argument for it, then I'm afraid it's a tick in the 'No' bit.

Question 32 Days of work per week, NOT including Overtime. For the majority of us that will be '4' days unless your contract states '5' or your on the 'Late' block.
     - Day's normally worked over the week if NOT Monday to Friday. Dave and Michael again can leave this blank, Sunday drivers tick all boxes and the remainder of us tick all 'except' Sunday.

PART 6 Breaks in Employment - Questions 33 to 35

Question 33 Although some of us have wanted to, none of us have been on strike so this will get left blank.

Question 34 If anyone has been off predominantly for sickness really. i.e. at any moment, I understand, you were still employed by Countryliner but off sick and receiving Statutory Sick Pay. These dates would go in here.

Question 35 Don't believe anyone at the depot has driven abroad FOR Countryliner so this stays blank.

PART 7 Details of New Employment - Questions 36 to 45

'UPDATED' After recieving clarification from a few people we can actually put in 'Heritage' as our employer with the following details...

Question 36 - Job since you were made redundant, tick 'Yes'. Is this new job self employed, tick 'No'.

Question 37 - New Employer Name is 'Heritage Coaches'.

Question 38 - New Employer Address

    (No Building Number or Name)
    Star Road
    (No District/Area)
    Partridge Green
    West Sussex
    RH13 8RD

Question 39 - Telephone Number is '01403 711238'

Question 40 - Started Work on '09/10/2012'

Question 41 - Offered Work on '09/10/2012'

Question 42 - Is your job the same, tick 'Yes'

Question 43 - Dealing with the same customers, tick 'Yes'.

Question 44 - Terms and Conditions changed...? Leave blank and add this wording to 'Question 60' under other information.

    "Question 44 - As of (Your signed date in Part 12) our new contracts had not been issued, so I am unable to compare."

Question 45 - Any link between old and new employer, tick 'No'

PART 8 Claim for Redundancy - Questions 46 to 48

Question 46 - 'UPDATED' After talking to a few drivers and supervisors the consensus is to claim for everything we can get, so as long as you've been with Countryliner over 2 years then tick 'Yes'

Question 47 - 'UPDATED' If you've been paid any redundancy, leave blank.

Question 48 - 'UPDATED' Completing form after 6 months of redundancy, leave blank.

PART 9 Holiday Pay - Questions 49 to 53

I gather most of the drivers here have 4 weeks holiday per year on either 4 or 5 day rota.
This equates to 16 days on 4 day rota (4DR) and 20 day's on 5 day rota (5DR). This equates to 1.333 days per month on 4DR and 1.666 days per month on the 5DR.
This means if you've already taken 20 days 'including' all bank holidays (14 + 6 Bank Holiday days) (4DR) and 23 days 'including' all bank holidays (17 + 6 Bank Holiday Days) (5DR) up until Monday 8th October then you aren't owed any holiday pay and tick 'No' to Question 49.


  • You've been on holiday since the 23rd September, i.e. the last 2 weeks then you won't have been paid for it.
  • Sunday Drivers remember to account for lieu days accrued from working Bank Holidays.
  • Any holiday that was agreed by a 'General Manager' to be carried over from 2011. Take this away from days taken this year.

Any less than this then you can claim for holiday not yet received and tick 'Yes' to Question 49 and continue with section.

Question 50 Start of the Holiday year '01/01/2012'

Question 51 Holiday entitlement (4DR) = 24 and (5DR) = 28 (including Bank Holiday's) > any additional days agreed that were carried over from 2011.

Question 52 Days taken this year including Bank Holidays (i.e. Actual Holiday taken + 6 Bank Holidays) > Any days you are still owed up until Monday 8th October.

Question 53 Holiday taken but not paid. Those on holiday between the 23rd of September and the 8th October, i.e. the last 2 weeks before we went under.

PART 10 Wages Owed Questions 54 to 56

The big one, the wages we are owed from the dates between 23rd of September and the 8th October unless you included and dates in the 'Unpaid Holiday' section in Part 9.

Question 54 Were your wages subject to any compulsory deductions...? i.e. Child support etc.

Question 55 'UPDATED' I'm a little unsure if duplicating information in here from the 'Holiday Pay' section as wages still owed. We were not required to add any figures to the previous section so as far as I'm concerned, tell them twice. So those on Holiday in the 2 weeks previous to the company going under add your holiday weeks to this section too based on the 44 (45 5DR) hour week or 11 (9 5DR) hour days.


Check the sheet and copy in the claimable week (23/09/2012 > 29/09/2012), (30/09/2012 > 06/10/2012) and (07/10/2012 > 08/10/2012). For the Sunday/Monday the individual pay for those shifts is also on the sheet.
For the 2 complete weeks where your hours fell below 44 hours then I would use the figure '365.64' as the wages owed and the actual figure if over '44' hours. This would be '373.95' for the late block based on '45' hours. Also '380.82' if the Sunday was worked on the Sunday Block '365.64' otherwise.
Same theory goes for the individual days on the Sunday, Monday. If your duty on either fell below 11 hours then use '91.41' for the Monday and '106.59' for the Sunday (enhanced rate) otherwise use the figures that appear. This would be 9 hours for the Late block and be '74.79' or the figure that appears. Remember Overtime is not included.

Question 56 Seeing as the payments never failed but were never initialised then all claims should be made in Question 55. This section stays blank.

PART 11 Other Information Questions 57 to 60

Reading the wording on this section, it is my understanding that they will only pay out for any actual loss. i.e. As we are currently being paid for work from Heritage any money we earn at this time will be deducted from what we would have earnt working our notice period and hence any claim.

Question 57 'UPDATED' Did your employer give you your statutory notice of your job ending is a definitive 'No' > If No do you want to claim for compensation for loss of notice...? Consensus is to claim for anything we can get, they can always say no so under 'Do you want to claim compensation for loss of notice', tick 'Yes'.

Question 58 Job didn't end by Tribunal so that will be 'No'.

Question 59 Do we owe our employer any money...? I don't believe we do (is the polite answer). That will be a 'No' then.

Question 60 'UPDATED' Any other information should have at least the reason we left Question 44 blank, this should read.

    "Question 44 - As of (Your signed date in Part 12) our new contracts had not been issued, so I am unable to compare."

PART 12 - Declaration

Simple sign and date once completed.

PART 13 Diversity Monitoring

A voluntary part of the form for the powers that be to track how Diverse our society is, take it or leave it.